Investment Banking

Love and pursuit (of Jesus and others) is not a choice based off of feelings, but instead it is a choice based off of intentionality: knowing exactly what your goal is and going after it. This choice is an investment into the account opened by Jesus that lonely day on the cross. An account which … More Investment Banking

Soul Care

Recently, I had the immense pleasure and joy to return to a place I grew up visiting every summer. This remarkable place is quite honestly beyond words. When on the French River you find time to really soak in Gods creation. The diverse terrain, the drastically different climate that changes day-by-day and the wildlife you … More Soul Care

You Rescue Me

I breathe you in I live you out inside of me There is no doubt Whom shall I fear At the sound of your name Chains are broken At the cry of my heart Your love sets free  You whisper in darkness Send demons fleeing In moments of weakness You rescue me. Take me deeper … More You Rescue Me

The Journey Begins

| W E L C O M E | Hello friend, Thank you for joining me on this adventure I have dubbed “stepping out”. For many years I have fantasized about starting my own blog and sharing with others my crazy journey as a mother, wife, friend and daughter of the King.  Finally after many … More The Journey Begins