I Am For You.

This morning I felt that I was supposed to share what I received during my Jesus time. I have documented below what was written in my journal. I believe this is a word for many, so I want to encourage you to read this as if the Lord is speaking directly to you in this moment.


Windows open, 65 degrees, fall candles lit, fall bouquets out. I AM SO READY FOR FALL!!!!!!!

Immediately I hear “Dont rush seasons my darling.”

Here I am ready to listen. I am sorry for the times I have talked, but not listened

Here I am. Ready now. Here’s my heart Lord. Speak what is true!!

Don’t rush seasons my love. Enjoy them! Every piece! Soak them up, absorb them! Learn from them. Grow from them! Allow others to witness you in these seasons. For in that you will be a living testimony. Radiating light. Radiating LIFE.

Even when you feel you are surrounded on all sides by the dark one. Remember I am here. There is not one second- since you were just one cell that you have ever been alone.

I am madly in love with you. I created you. I am for you. There is no mistake in who you are. Every piece intentional. Embrace that.

Take heart. Find joy in pursuing your giftings! Life is hard, dont make it harder by resisting pieces to the puzzle of you, I have already put into place. You are good. I love you. I am so for you!

I have surrounded you with teammates, with helpers. Let them in! Dont try to do this alone. Be humble. Be real. Be vulnerable. Truly vulnerable.

All around, you will find pieces of me. Take note of them. Soak them up. They will bring comfort. They will bring revelation. They will help you know me deeper.

Seek me. Come find me. For I have secrets I am excited to share with you! Glimpses of the paradise I have for you. Deeper understanding of who you are. A daughter (or son) . An heir. A princess (or prince). You are worth more than a superficial relationship. Allow me to take you deeper until the end of days! I love you. I am for you!

Dont rush.

Take it easy.

Make it intentional.

I am for you.

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