Investment Banking

Love and pursuit (of Jesus and others) is not a choice based off of feelings, but instead it is a choice based off of intentionality: knowing exactly what your goal is and going after it.

This choice is an investment into the account opened by Jesus that lonely day on the cross. An account which includes literally every single person in existence. When making this choice you are choosing to invest in life for yourself and others. This investment is a choice nobody but yourself can make. You may make it for no one and no one will ever be able to make it for you.

So which account will you be investing in? The account of life – – > or the account of death? Unfortunately (for some) these investments are permanent. Knowing this, how will you handle your investment? Will you share your strategic and beneficial investment strategies with others or will you keep it to yourself? A secret hidden in the dark. Some due to shame of how they have invested their most valuable asset (their soul) because the investments they’re making — they know are unwise and dont want others to see their flaws. Or on the flip side keeping it secret due to fear of what others could think of how they’re investing – they could be viewed as too radical and on fire – a whacko – nobody would ever want that! (Just kidding).

One of my favorite quotes says “never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game.” – A Cinderella Story (is where I heard it – maybe somebody cooler actually said it)

Recently I felt like Jesus told me “it’s not about when YOU’RE ready – its about when I call you.”

How have you invested in yourself and others? Are you satisfied with it? Do you feel like you have answered your call or do you feel like you need to step it up a few notches?

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