Recovery Doesn’t Come Before Relapse

Recently I was processing through a specific situation that was weighing heavily on my heart when I felt like Jesus told me “recovery does not come before relapse”.  This wasn’t a situation which involved an alcoholic or a drug addict, it occurred to me quite simply that battling here was a world-o-holic. Someone who (could be, and in this situation is – yet not necessarily) desperately trying to get out of the “world” but is simply in the midst of a relapse.  Thrown right back to the place said person is desperate to escape. This could be old habits, bad mindsets and a lifestyle that do not align with the Kingdom (of Heaven).

World-o-holics are everywhere we turn.  If you have chosen to pursue a Kingdom centered lifestyle, you are a world-o-holic in recovery.

Recovery does not come before relapse.

In fact, I don’t think we are fully recovered – – world-o-holic free – –  until we have finally made it face-to-face with King Jesus himself. Until then, we will be fighting relapse  every day, and even falling off the wagon here and there (more than I would ever like to admit!).

So what do we do in the daily grind of temptation? our biggest cracks being exploited. poked. prodded. daily. how do we fight the lies of insecurity saying that we are not enough. Those lies telling us we need to conform to the worlds standards of enough instead of Jesus’ standards of enough.

How do we battle the loud call of the parties, ushering us in with promise of a good time leading only to a wasted evening (pun intended). Wasted from boredom (being surrounded by people who don’t understand us anymore – – who desire feelings, both physically and emotionally that we no longer do). Or wasted by us – – being wasted failing to stand up to that oh so powerful temptation that consistently, and sensually calls our name on the daily.

how do we turn off our obsession with control and just ‘let it be’? operating instead out of freedom and adaptability.

How do we say no to lust.  lust for another.  Lust for food. Lust for connection.  Lust for the world.


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Recovery does not come without community. 

how do we fight it?

we fight our addiction by surrounding ourselves with a support group. A lifeline.  We combat the unwanted luring of our past by having others in a position to hold us accountable. To check in. To love. To speak truth. To pray.

We allow others to battle with us. 

To. Bear. Our. Burdens. 

We were never meant to fight this battle alone, yet we try so often.

We were never meant to seclude ourselves, yet we let no one in to our dark and twisties.




Forgiveness of self and forgiveness of others.

A heart postured toward growth (which is painful!) and intimacy with the Father – knowing that we can’t hide anything from him — he has known every little detail of who we are since before the world existed. Knowing the most disgusting pieces of us, he chose to love us through it.

This is how we overcome our addiction.

This is how we stay in recovery and out of relapse.

Who then do you let see your dark and twisties, your wide open cracks?

If no one, why not?

If no one, then who?

One thought on “Recovery Doesn’t Come Before Relapse

  1. Reblogged this on Radiant Life and commented:

    Thankful for the LIVING word- Jesus! (John 1) The same words can speak 1,000 different things 1,000 different times when we allow Holy Spirit to have access to us from the inside out. Always changing. Always adapting to meet the needs of our hearts in the present season


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